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Do you own a rental and help in managing it? Look no further, Graf Property Management is here to help.

Our full-service Escondido property management is an extensive service, covering everything from tenant leasing and screening, to bill payments and financial records. We make owning an investment property simple and allow you to focus and enjoy the other aspects of your business or life.

As professional property managers, it is our goal to ensure profit in your property while protecting your investment. Contact us today for a comprehensive analysis of your properties and choose services based on your business needs. We are experts on management in Escondido and are ready to help you!

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Our Property Management Services

Managing your Escondido property on your own can be time consuming and challenging. We take the hassle out of owning investment properties.

We offer a complete scope of Escondido property management services ranging from advertising, tenant screening, to collecting rent and bookkeeping. These solutions help us ensure that your properties runs smoothly. When you partner with our residential property management company, you can enjoy the services below:

Preparing the Property for Rent

We make sure your properties are prepared before advertising it. Our team covers everything including necessary repairs and maintenance, cleaning, and we switch out utilities.

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This helps make sure you can present your investment in its full potential and appropriately price it to maximize your profit. Preparing properties is a daunting task, but a crucial step in attracting the right tenants that a professional Escondido property manager can take care of.


Renters are more likely to choose a rental property that is clean and well-maintained. We have a network of cleaners to make sure all nooks and crannies are properly cleaned and the whole property is in good condition.

Repair and Maintenance

Aside from a clean rental unit, tenants are also going to prefer a well maintained one. We repair any damage and make sure that all appliances and fixtures are functional before opening it for a showing. Our property maintenance team provides the maintenance services you need when you need them. We are prompt and thorough.

Changing Utilities

We also take care of utilities change over, which is the process of transferring the responsibility for utilities from one tenant to another. We ensure that utilities are properly set up and transferred between tenants for a smooth transition.

Advertising Your Rental Property

When working with our property management company, we will constantly advertise your rental property, so it remains occupied. We pride ourselves in professional property management services that help you obtain quality tenants. Having a vacant property can be costly and affect your financial goals.

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Our team of experts will only use high quality photos to entice potential renters. We highlight the property’s best features and ensure that it is showcased when listing the property on various platforms. We don’t just market your property in online platforms but also maximize reach by advertising in local newspapers and publications.

Tenant Screening

With our years of experience in managing rental properties, we understand how critical it is to properly screen your prospective tenants. As your property manager, we conduct background and credit checks, verify employment information and rental history for each potential tenant.

We also check references to ensure that tenants have the ability to uphold their responsibilities. Our comprehensive screening process ensures that each tenant can pay rent regularly and on time as well as look after your property as if it’s their own. With our services you know that you are renting your property to a responsible and reliable tenant.

Rent Collection

Our goal is to assist you in the financial success of your investment property. To do this, we take care of rent collection to ensure that you meet your financial goals without having to chase payments. Our established collection system ensures tenants won’t have any reason to miss payments. It includes developing a tenant portal to make rent payments seamless and easy.

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About Escondido, CA

A city located in San Diego County, California, Escondido is famous for its proximity to various outdoor recreational activities, rich cultural heritage and its beautiful weather. Escondido is located approximately 30 miles north of San Diego, which makes it easy to take advantage of all the amenities of a larger city such as entertainment venues, theater, and world-class museums.

Living in Escondido means having access to several parks, golf courses, and hiking trails. Museums, art galleries and cultural centers like the Escondido History Center and California Center for the Arts are accessible and located within the city as well. Escondido also has a vibrant downtown with numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants. The city promotes camaraderie and a sense of community by hosting festivals and events throughout the year. This includes the Grape Day Festival, Escondido Renaissance Faire, and the Cruisin’ Grand Classic Car Show.

Escondido, CA offers a high quality of life with an abundant range of possible options for cultural experiences, outdoor recreation, and entertainment. For these reasons and more, Escondido, California is the place to consider when planning to invest in real estate.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

In addition to Escondido and Leucadia, we're proud to offer services in Fallbrook, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, La Costa, and Encinitas.

We offer property management services to single-family, multi-family, and condo residential properties owners. We can also help you if you're looking to invest in real estate.

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